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HP F800G Full HD 1080p Car Dashboard Camcorder 2.7" LCD TOUCH SCREEN with GPS

R1,659.00 Incl. | In stock (20 available)

Whether you love speed or just concerned about what your ...

Product Description

  • Whether you love speed or just concerned about what your staff might do with your car, this is one device that will work for you. This device is amazing.
  • Specs:
  • 2.7" CMOS Image Sensor
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution at 30fps
  • Micro SD/HC Card, up to 32GB
  • GPS Receiver Logs Speed and Direction
  • What to Note:

    Record your every turn with the Full HD 1080p Car Dashboard Camcorder from HP. Using a 1.27" CMOS image sensor, the camera features high resolution 1080p recordings for clear footage. Mount the camera to your dashboard using the included suction cup to take advantage of the 140° ultra wide angle view. Using the built-in GPS, the camera will track and record your car's speed, location, and compass direction. Footage is stored onto an installed microSD card in 3 or 5 minute intervals that automatically loop for preserving memory space and can be reviewed and stored on a PC using the included SuperCar software.

  • Equipped with various driver assistance systems, the camera has a G-force sensor which triggers the camera to record when the car swerves or stops short. Emergency recordings are time stamped and are protected from looping rewrites. The Lane Departure Warning System uses lane markings to identify when a car is drifting out its land and will aurally and visually alert the driver.


    140° viewing angle records a full view picture of car's front environment
    Built-GPS records your location, compass direction, and speed
    GPS memory will store speed camera locations as you mark them
    Camera automatically mimics the car's power status and turns on and off when the car is or is not in use
    Camera can be set to record only when car's motion is detected
    Built-in G-Force sensor triggers Emergency Video Recording mode when sudden swerving is detected, in case accident footage is needed
    Emergency recordings are date and time-stamped and are not overwritten by automatic looping
    Video clips are recorded in 3 or 5 minute intervals onto the microSD card, and automatic looping rewrites over old footage
    Lane Departure Warning System uses lane markings to aurally and visually alert when car drifts out of the lane while moving faster than 31 mph (50 kmh)
    Playback stored speed, location, and G-sensor info on your PC using the SuperCar software
    Includes a mounting cup for securely displaying camera on windshield

Price (excl. tax)R1,659.00
Price (incl. tax)R1,659.00
Availability In stock (20 available)
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